Nuclear Lunacy - America from Hitler to M-X

Directed by Dr. Joan Harvey (64 min. video)

This is the harsh history we need now!

Unconstitutional war policies, taken out of the hands of Congress, begun under President Reagan, and here they are! Read More


Nuclear Lunacy - America from Hitler to M-X is a dramatic anti-war documentary, dramatically documenting the foreign war policies of the US, and the escalating danger of worldwide annihilation. This is an urgently needed expose of America's corporate links to Hitler and its support of fascism. It documents our corporate support of fascism as early as the 1930's in the effort to destroy communism, and gain world domination. Here is an urgently needed film that brings horrifying information to the screen, not easily found in US public libraries.

americaharrisonSee how nuclear stockpiling has secretly polluted the US. This film crew goes west to visit the Navajo nuclear miners and their families who show us the mines, radioactive tailings and their lands. Then the crew travels to New York to visit the old West Valley nuclear reprocessing plant, and then to Savannah River's "bomb plant", to document the pollution of a three state area due to our manufacturing of nuclear weapons.

The crew measures dangerous amounts of radiation, talks to nuclear workers, interviews scientists, politicians, and military experts to clarify the military nightmare of nuclear weapons production, and the criminal belligerence of our war policies. America-From Hitler to M-X indicts the US as the aggressor internationally as it moves again toward war. Our children are scared, the drug culture grows, and the poor are starved. The media has deliberately created a doom machine for us. Who are these men, and how have they created a half century of believable lies? The same few men who supported Hitler today dominate the international nuclear industry and weapons markets. If you don't know that war is about profits and international power, you need the facts. America - From Hitler to M-X will destroy your illusions, packing hard-to-research facts with a dramatic wallop.

americalarocqueWashington statesmen and military planners, union leaders and workers, scientists and medical doctors unite in a powerful and shocking response to the current and past US international political policies. They need to be heard now, even as our civil liberties, and individual freedoms are threatened by current federal legislation.


"America-From Hitler to M-X is a revealing, provocative documentary that sees cynicism and danger in the Reagan administration's drive to upgrade the nuclear arsenal." Variety

"The film reveals what they'd prefer we forgot. It is information insistent and unafraid". The Leveller, London

"[Joan Harvey] musters a lot of evidence for her argument, hammers it home, and gives barely a nod to the opposition. Whether you agree with the film or not, it's bound to stir your thoughts..." Christian Science Monitor

"Its informative prowess is so dense, so absorbing, you may need to see it several times, in whole or in part, perhaps with a note pad and a beverage of suitable proof." The Westsider

"Hard-driving and unabashedly biased, this information-packed documentary by the filmmaker of We Are the Guinea Pigs works to fill the ever-widening information gap on the question of the nuclear arms race and the development of the MX missile." Independent American Cinema, New York

"A serious, hard-hitting documentary...American-From Hitler to M-X is a tough and raw documentary film with interviews and astonishing new information about big businesses and their involvement with the arms race, the film definitely gnaws at the spine of American Industry" The Cinncinnatti News Record

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