Voices in Dissent

Directed by Dr. Joan Harvey (60 min. video)

Voices in Dissent is a color feature·length documentary directed by Joan Harvey and featuring singer Richie Havens. As Richie travels in the United States, asking questions and singing songs, we see that America's heightening domestic repression is not a separate set of events unrelated to the international activities of the U.S.

Voices in Dissent is a strong anti·war documentary that raises the voices of people in the western world who are fighting America's foreign wars, poverty and nuclear escalation in the United States. We see union spokesmen, students, and grassroot community people opposing American exploitation and aggression. They express the need for people's coalitions in America and Europe. The present divisions between progressive groups and between issues are exposed as arbitrary. The film clarifies the existing relationship between domestic hardships at home and international nuclear policies of the United States.

Voices in Dissent weaves in rare historical film footage showing the history of longstanding U.S. first·strike intentions, beginning with U.S. troops invading Russia in 1917 against the Russian Revolution, and showing the relentless propaganda campaign waged by the United States and the western world since that time. It presents the real parallel growth of both the Ku Klux Klan in America and the Nazis here and abroad, showing shocking footage of America's Ku Klux Klan paramilitary camps and Nazi paramilitary training in Germany.



The Gold Special Jury Award at the Houston International Film Festival.

The Gold Award for Best Theme at the Philadelphia International Film Festival.

Voices in Dissent has the support of:

World Council of Churches:
• Programme to Combat Racism
• Urban Rural Mission 
• Commission on the Church's Participation in Development

National Council of Churches:
• Racial Justice Working Group



"A gentle yet powerful film creates understanding about the link between the immediate struggle for survival and the long-range struggle for people's freedom. It documents the courage of groups fighting the U.S. escalating domination abroad and increasing repression at home. It dramatically clarifies what is being done about it. It will keep you awake with facts untold in the media for generations."  Edward Asner

"It teaches a lesson that every generation must learn: the history of struggle, the function of struggle, the aim of struggle, and, most important of all, the technique of struggle. Frederick Douglass said more than a century ago: 'Where there is no struggle, there is no progress.' This film would seem to add-and also, no survival."  Ossie Davis

"This film makes clear the connection between the billions of dollars being spent for more and more nuclear arms, the cruel cuts in services for our old people, young people, and sick people, and our Administration's determination to keep military dictators in power, no matter how many poor people have to be starved and killed. The story is told simply and movingly by people with souls. See it!"  Benjamin Spack


Richie Havens and Meagan sing together in the studio as Toni watches.



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