We Are The Guinea Pigs

Three Mile Island and the Catastrophe of Nuclear Power

Directed by Dr. Joan Harvey (83 min. video)

America's international wars makes this film an urgent must see!

We Are The Guinea Pigs is a powerful award winning documentary on the Three Mile Island (TMI) Nuclear Reactor melt down. In 1979, in the heart of Harrisburg, PA we had, and continue to have, our own Chernobyl. First, there was government and media silence, then there was little news coverage, and a massive coverup.

We Are The Guinea Pigs is a dramatic feature documentary shot on location in Harrisburg, Salem, Washington, New York, and Pittsburgh, showing the violent effects of the catastrophe at the TMI nuclear reactor. Today, the USA is still using nuclear power, and now is talking about building more plants, necessary because of the "energy shortage" while backstage the pentagon knows it needs the waste for our powerful nuclear weapons program.

The film crew went into Harrisburg just days after the meltdown began and in the chaos, spoke with frightened residents, doctors, officials, and scientists. Listen to the farmers as they evacuate, hear and see the stark reality of children swimming in the run- off waters of the Susquehanna, because the government not wanting to admit to the meltdown, would not put up "do not swim" signs, or notify the media. See representatives of the EPA, NRC, and the State deny facts and deliberately confuse us, in much the way the EPA is currently handling releases of information about the continuing fire at the World Trade Center and its' dangerous releases of toxins.


gpcaldicottWe meet children, adolescents, and adults living through the "accident" at TMI as they talk about their sense of betrayal, their fears, and their despair about what lies ahead. We see what they have done to educate themselves. The experiences of these residents is confirmed by scientists and experts interviewed--Dr. Helen Caldicott, Dr. John W. Gofman, Dr. Michio Kaku, Dr. Ernest J. Sternglass and others. A local physician shows a child's body scan documenting high contamination by radiation. Veterinarians and farmers give evidence concerning the lethal effects on their animals.

Official state and federal standards and policies are examined against stark medical-scientific evidence, the facts about "clean air" and "acceptable limits" and the nightmare of death and disease facing residents in Harrisburg. Looking at this horrifying event educates us to the issues: the danger of radiation, the lies and coverups by the government and utility companies, the hazards of commercial reactors and their tie-in to the armaments industry.

We Are The Guinea Pigs has been acclaimed at international film festivals in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia, Deauville, France, and Edinburgh and London where it was awarded "Outstanding Film of the Year". It was also accepted into the Los Angeles International Film Exposition (Filmex), Mostra International Del Film D'Autore in Italy, and the 9th International Festival of Red Cross and Health Films in Bulgaria. It premiered on American TV on Channel 13's "Independent Focus" series in New York, and opened its theatrical run at Joseph Papp's Public Theatre. It has had theatrical runs in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, London, Boston, Sydney and Melbourne.


"We are the Guinea Pigs ranks with other first class documentaries on contraversial subjects like Hearts and Minds and Harlan County, U.S.A. and can play in theatrical venues which exhibited those and similar docus." Variety

"A very moving and powerful documentary on the nuclear industry, both civilian and military." London Morning Herald"

Joan Harvey's hard-hitting, frightening documentary...is full of facts and information about things they never told you...it's an impassioned attempt to make people understand the real problems at Three Mile Island" Sydney Morning Herald

"Outstanding American independent films shared with London are Allen Francovich's three-hour documentary expose of the foreign activities of the CIA, 'On Company Business' and Joan Harvey's grim study of the Three Mile Island affair, We are the Guinea Pigs". London Times

"No film could be more valuable and enlightening at this time." Peter Davis- Producer-Director, "Hearts and Minds"

"Joan Harvey and others making We are the Guinea Pigs" have done an excellent job in stating the relationships between health, oil, profits and war...a moving and exciting feature." Mark Benjamin- Producer, "Bill Moyer's Journal"

"I urge all groups and individuals concerned about nuclear power to see this documentary". Dr. Benjamin Spock

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